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Trainee Digital Customer Service

Data:  21/04/2024

São Domingos de Rana, Portugal


Via Verde is looking for a talented and ambitious Trainee for their Digital Customer Service team. This opportunity will give you the chance to be challenged and accelerate your career, working in one of the top European Mobility Groups.


The focus of the role will be on automating and digitalizing customer service. Understanding customers' needs and expectations is essential to develop digital or other transversal solutions that meet their requirements.


Role and Responsibilities

  • Automation, Maintenance and Monitoring of solutions
    • Monitoring the operation and performance of automation solutions in relation to the expected results
    • Guarantee knowledge base versions and client interaction


  • Digitalization & Automation Service Continuous Evolution:
    • Integrated management of digitalization needs;
    • Analyze the impact of unimplemented needs & requirements;
    • Ensure continuous improvement and increase the digitalization and automation rate;
    • Ensure clear content and effective clarification for customers.


Experience, Skills and Qualifications

  • We are looking for professionals with between 1- and 3-years’ experience in Customer Service roles (ideal with experience in digital), with a degree in Management, Engineering, Industrial Management or similar;
  • Solid knowledge of Ms office, namely Excel, Word and powerpoint;
  • High capacity for critical analysis;
  • Strong sense of responsibility, reliability and team spirit;
  • Highly proactive and results-oriented;
  • Good communication and teamwork skills;
  • Knowledge of technology and digital trends and tools (valued): chatbots, CRM, service automation - customer service, customer experience (reporting and monitoring), among others;
  • Automation experience (valued): having experience in automating processes is essential for implementing efficient customer service systems;


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