We’ve come a long way regarding mobility.

We spent our first 40 years of experience managing highways, twenty of which developing our own technology solutions, from tolling to roadside. We loved every mile. Yet Mobility doesn’t stop. It keeps evolving and pushing the boundaries.

It’s not only about vehicles and infrastructures anymore. It’s really about people. Human seamless mobility experiences. That’s what we develop, together with our clients, from tolling to parking, from traffic management to monitoring. We do it by connecting all of them to mobility networks, managed by public authorities and other mobility-as-a-service providers.

Always combining expertise with innovative ideas.

We have been around for a while, yet we believe that the ride has just started.

Mission & Culture

Our mission is to enable outstanding mobility experiences by providing best-in-class Intelligent Transportation Systems. We want to lead and shape the future of mobility by developing and empowering our people – our main assets.

A-to-Be nurtures a culture that recognizes the importance of teamwork in order to create and develop innovative solutions, always ensuring a high-level service delivered to clients and partners. We’re shaping the future of mobility together.

Our drive is to reinforce and maintain a position of relevant worldwide mobility players committed to transform every journey into seamless mobility experiences.

Our Values

Our Teams

Our teams are made of highly committed people who constantly work together in order to enrich our portfolio, constantly developing and delivering superior products and solutions.

  • Engineering team: multidisciplinary, with strong technical skills that create, support and implement solutions for our products.
  • Development team: develops and delivers technological solutions for software and hardware A-to-Be products.
  • Product team: responsible for implementing strategy, roadmap, and feature definition for a certain product or product line.
  • Architecture team: ensures the definition of technological strategies and supports the design of multi-projects, product development and complex transformation programs.
  • R&I team: develops and manages the research and innovation projects in A-to-Be.
  • Implementation team: responsible for keeping multiple projects on track and ensuring that goals are completed on time and according to the defined specifications.
  • Logistics & Maintenance team: responsible for coordinating all the logistics, installation and maintenance operations that support the business.
  • Marketing & Sales team: work to connect existing and potential clients and stakeholders from different geographies to A-to-Be’s solutions.
  • Support teams: responsible to sustain, maintain and assist the business and to make all the magic happens – Finance & Control, Partnerships, Information & Technology.

Our People

We are passionate, highly motivated professionals with a positive attitude and the ability to adapt to different contexts and challenges.

Today, we’re facing an ever-changing industry with markets evolving at an increasing speed. Our attitude is to lead the change and innovation in mobility, so we strongly invest in the development and growth of our people, preparing them to be capable and determined to lead positively with new challenges and recurrent evolutions.

A-to-Be is known for its innovation and technology solutions, and also for integrity, excellence and consistency - in everything we do. Our solutions are unique because our people are unique.

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The Brisa Group is looking for talent in these and other areas. Discover the job openings.